2020 - Coalition Managing Coordinator - Buffalo - ICHP/CHSR - Sponsored Program of The Research Foundation for The State University of New York

Title: Coalition Managing Coordinator

FTE: Full Time

Application Deadline: Open until filled

Summary of position:

The Institute for Community Health Promotion (ICHP)/Center for Health and Social Research (CHSR) at SUNY Buffalo State is seeking a person to manage the day-to-day operations of the many components related to our West Side Youth Development Coalition (WSYDC). The Coalition Managing Coordinator (CMC) will work both independently and in a team setting to coordinate the requirements, goals, and objectives of two interwoven CHSR projects that support WSYDC: “Drug Free Communities” and “West Side Thrives.” This will be achieved by carrying out the job responsibilities listed below.



  • Cultivate and maintain a portfolio of wide-ranging professional relationships


  • Develop a process for re-engaging inactive Coalition members and recruiting new members
  • Identify youth, parents, community-based organizations, etc. who have an interest in coalition initiatives and activities (i.e., potential Coalition members)
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with current and new Coalition members
  • Identify and recruit key community members to serve on a Coalition Advisory Board (CAB)
    • Organize and convene regularly scheduled Board meetings
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members


  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with and supervise the DFC and West Side Thrives Project Coordinators (PCs), as well as any Coalition consultants
    • Set and maintain regular meetings with these key staff, both individually and as a group
  • Collaborate with CHSR’s Senior Program Administrator to develop budgets and manage grant spending; provide general support for fiscal oversight
  • Set and maintain a regular meeting schedule with the Coalition PI to provide updates, collaborate on environmental and other strategies, problem-solve complex issues, etc.


  • Serve as liaison across Coalition components to improve communication
    • Research, identify, and become knowledgeable about various modes of communication that promote effective working relationships between/among members of Coalition components:
      • The DFC Project Coordinator, the West Side Thrives Project Coordinator (includes CHSR’s College Environmental Prevention Coordinator when applicable), and Coalition consultants
      • All staff above and Coalition and community members
      • Members of community sectors, agencies, and organizations within the Coalition
      • CAB members
    • Train, guide, disseminate and/or delegate learned modes of communication to be implemented


  • Coordinate Coalition activities/events
    • Collaborate with PCs and Coalition consultants to identify new Coalition activities/events that align with project action plans
    • Oversee and coordinate the planning and implementation of Project/Coalition activities/events
    • Set and monitor a timeline to keep Coalition activities and programs on track
    • Identify overlapping activities to reduce duplication of effort across Coalition components
    • Facilitate group discussion to identify barriers/problems and possible solutions
      • Oversee implementation of selected solution(s); evaluate outcomes and adjust as needed
    • Categorize and enumerate activities for accurate and appropriate reporting and promoting purpose


  • Coordinate Planning and strategy-formulating activities to strengthen the Coalition
    • Provide guidance regarding environmental prevention strategies and other strategies for reducing underage alcohol and illegal substance use to CAB members, and to agency and community members as needed
    • Together with the CAB, develop action plans and strategies to strengthen WSYDC long-term sustainability.
    • Evaluate the plans and prioritize strategies, modifying on a continual basis as indicated.


  • Activity Tracking and Reporting
    • Develop and maintain a database to track Coalition activities/events, including Project, number of community participants, and purpose of each
    • Prepare and submit reports in alignment with federal requirements of the DFC and West Side Thrives grants. Prepare other reports in a timely manner on an as-requested basis by the Projects’ PI/PD.


  • Timely submission of mandated documentation (e.g., timesheets, travel reimbursement materials, etc.)


  • Other duties as assigned


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion, Public Health, Business/Marketing, Community Organizing, or similar field

  • Experience establishing and maintaining effective cooperative working relationships

  • Working knowledge of up-to-date prevention strategies to reduce underage alcohol and illegal substance use

  • Demonstrated knowledge of community organizational principles and coordinating processes and techniques

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Ability to remain focused to prioritize and balance multiple tasks


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge in youth substance use prevention, youth prevention strategies, prevention principles, and experience in coalition building, community mobilization, and outreach.

  • Experience with immigrant and/or refugee issues

  • Master’s Degree in Health Promotion, Public Health, or similar field, OR at least 4 years’ experience in a community leadership position working with coalition building and prevention practices


Job Related Physical Requirements: Light lifting (e.g. setting up a room for a public meeting, chairs, tables, outdoor tents and public-address systems).


Travel Requirements: Must have reliable transportation for local travel. Attendance at the CADCA leadership Forum in Washington, DC, National Coalition Academy or other coalition-related conferences or meetings.


Duration of Position:  Grant-supported through September 2022.


Please provide cover letter and resume as a single attachment.


This opportunity includes an excellent benefit package and is grant-supported by the SUNY Buffalo State Sponsored Programs Office/Research Foundation. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Research Foundation (RF) is not an agency or instrumentality of the State of New York. Employees of the RF are not state employees, do not participate in any state retirement system and do not receive state fringe benefits. The RF operates under a contract with The State University of New York and receives no directly appropriated state funding.